Creative Economy and Poverty Reduction (2021-2024)


Scientific research project (Notice Universal Call nº 09/2021 – FAPESQ/PB)




Research Support Foundation of the State of Paraíba – FAPESQ/PB

Description and Purpose:

There is growing interest in understanding the contribution of organizations to overcoming large-scale social challenges such as extreme hunger and poverty. At the same time, entrepreneurship seen as an emancipatory act suggests that the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives offers an adequate platform for marginalized individuals in situations of social fragility to be able to establish viable spaces to develop the necessary conditions in order to get rid of situations of misfortune and need. Despite this, few empirical research has been concerned with analyzing the potential of entrepreneurial activity to mitigate misery and poverty and, in particular, little is known about the contribution of cultural entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities in creative industries to poverty reduction and inequality. The project aims to understand how initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the context of creative industries are able to reduce/eradicate poverty, analyzing initiatives of creative economy of crafts and popular art in the municipality of João Pessoa (PB), given their inclusion on the UNESCO list of creative cities, unique in the craft and folk arts category.


Creative Economy; Cultural Entrepreneurship; Crafts; Poverty; Inequality.


Samir Adamoglu de Oliveira (coordinator), Diego Maganhotto Coraiola (associate coordinator), Jéssica Micaelly Santana do Nascimento Silva (researcher), Luciene Alencar Firmo Abrantes (researcher), Jéssica Monteiro Valverde (researcher), Mariene Cavalcante Borba de Albuquerque (researcher), Claudyvanne dos Santos Nascimento Silva (researcher).