Who we are

To analyze organizations is, necessarily, to read them from some specific theoretical and conceptual focus, linguistically mediated.

In this sense, at LIOrg – Research Group on Language, Institutions and Organizations – we read organizations from an institutional perspective, assuming that institutions matter for understanding management issues and organizational dynamics, as language itself is a founding institution of the social dimension of reality. Thus, language and organizations are relevant social institutions of contemporary society.

The Research Group on Language, Institutions and Organizations (LIOrg) was founded in 2013 in the Master's and Doctoral Program in Management at Positivo University (PMDA/UP) where, at the time, it was labeled "Organizations, Media and Discourse" (OMD). In 2017, the initiative broadened its investigative interests, in order to analyze the role, impact and consequences of institutions in organizations from a recursive notion – comprising 'institutions' in their processes and microfoundations, through the study of the social practices that instantiate and sustain them – in order to deepen the understanding of the relationship between language, institutions and issues related to management and organizations, whether private, public or third sector. In these terms, it bases its studies and researches on Organizational Institutionalism, Social Practice Theories (especially Anthony Giddens' 'Structuration Theory') and sociolinguistic views such as Semantic, Semiotics, Hermeneutics and Pragmatics [through the 'Communicative Constitution of Organizations' approach (CCO)]. Thus, it aims to discuss how language use constitutes social practices and, therefore, institutions, linguistically analyzing institutionalization processes that are operated through organizing, strategizing and managing practices, considering the role of communication (in terms of discourses, narratives and rhetoric), mediatization, professions, technologies and innovations, in a connected and interactive fashion.

LIOrg – Research Group on Language, Institutions and Organizations – is maintained by the Brazilian Institute for Social Studies and Research (IBEPES) with support from resources from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). As a research group, it is composed of researchers, professors and students spread across several teaching and research institutions in Brazil and abroad and, currently, is associated to the research line 'Organizations and Society' (focus on 'Innovation and Knowledge') of the Graduate Program in Management at Federal University of Paraíba (PPGA/UFPB).

Further information can be obtained by e-mail: liorg@ibepes.org.br